CFO Social Media Activity

By on April 9, 2018 at 9:41am


How active CFOs are on social media

  Very active 7%
  Somewhat active 44%
  Not at all active 28%

The most popular platforms for CFOs*

  Facebook 83%
  Instagram 64%
  LinkedIn 63%
  Pinterest 55%
  Twitter 37%
  YouTube 31%
  Snapchat 27%
  Reddit 16%

How CFOs have benefitted professionally from social media activities*

  Staying on top of professional or industry trends 85%
  Connecting with contacts 74%
  Identifying new business opportunities 66%
  Expanding their network 64%
  Gaining market intelligence for their company 61%

Source: Robert Half Management Resources survey of more than 270 CFOs in Canada

*Based on responses of CFOs who said they are very or somewhat active on social media; multiple responses were allowed

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