Statistics Canada June 2018 Labour Force Survey Report

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Unemployment Rate
July '17 6.3%
August '17 6.2%
September '17 6.2%
October '17 6.3%
November '17 5.9%
December '17 5.8%
January '18 5.9%
February '18 5.8%
March '18 5.8%
April '18 5.8%
May '18 5.8%
June '18 6.0%

*Source: Statistics Canada

**Source: Statistics Canada, Seasonally Adjusted, July 2017 – June 2018


Canadian workers are disengaged at their jobs more than one quarter — 28% — of the time.

46% of workers said better perks would help boost their engagement, followed by less bureaucracy (31%).

Source: Accountemps survey of more than 550 workers in Canada

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Canada added 32,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate rose slightly (0.2 percentage points) to 6.0 per cent, according to the most recent Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey Report.  


Highlights in June

  • Employment gains in June were primarily driven by growth in full-time work.
  • On a year-over-year basis, employment increased by 215,000 (+1.2 per cent).
  • Over the same period, total hours worked grew by 1.4 per cent.

Regional Highlights 

Employment increased in Ontario and Manitoba in June. There was little change in other provinces:

  • In Ontario, employment rose by 35,000 in June, bringing year-over-year gains to 157,000 (+2.2 per cent). With more people looking for work, the unemployment rate in Ontario increased to 5.9 per cent in June, up 0.2 percentage points from May.
  • Manitoba added 4,100 jobs in June, reducing the unemployment rate to 6.1 per cent (-0.4 percentage points). Compared with 12 months earlier, employment in the province was up 5,800 (+0.9 per cent).
  • In Alberta, employment held steady in June, and the unemployment rate was 6.5 per cent. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment in the province was up 34,000 (+1.5 per cent).

Hiring Trends and Career Tips 
This month, new research from OfficeTeam revealed that 43 per cent of Canadian workers would leave their job for one with better pay.

An Accountemps survey from 2017 found that 15 per cent of Canadian workers have regrets about leaving their former job. While 42 per cent of workers said they would consider returning to a former employer, it would take better pay (54 per cent), promised opportunity for growth (12 per cent) or a flexible schedule (9 per cent) to entice them back. Clearly, salary is still king.

As exciting as it may be to start a new job, workers should carefully evaluate their motivations for wanting a different job and realize that there’s more to a job than the paycheque. Opportunities for career advancement, workplace environment, and a robust benefits package that includes more vacation time, a flexible work schedule, telecommuting options and professional development opportunities are all worth considering when deciding whether to stay in a current role or leave for a new one.

Here’s some advice for workers who are thinking about leaving:

  1. Address dissatisfaction. Meet with your manager to discuss why you’re unhappy and potential resolutions. If you don’t feel challenged, use the to discuss growth prospects within the company including asking for opportunities to work on bigger projects or gain new skills.
  2. Do your research. If salary is the primary reason for wanting to leave and your requests for a raise have gone unanswered, use resources like Robert Half’s Salary Guides to benchmark what someone with your experience in your location is making.
  3. Take a break. The stress of trying to balance work and personal demands may be adding up. If possible, use vacation time to relax and recharge — you may come back feeling satisfied and doubts may have faded away.
  4. Exit gracefully. If you decide to accept another job offer, schedule a private, in-person meeting with your boss to discuss your decision to resign. Demonstrate respect and professionalism by offering to help with the transition during your final days, and try to give two weeks’ notice.

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