Find Me a Job! How a Recruiting Agency Can Help

By Robert Half on January 28, 2020 at 11:49am

Do you feel frustrated in your job hunt? Are your application materials going unanswered? Are your interviews followed by a “thanks, but no thanks” email? Have you reached a point where you want to scream from the highest building, "Please, someone just find me a job!"?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you need some expert assistance.

Trying to find work on your own can be time-consuming, draining and (let's face it) a little lonely. But when you turn to a top-ranked recruiting agency like Robert Half, you gain a skilled and experienced representative in the highly competitive job market. A recruiter can act as your liaison to hiring managers, share industry information and resources that support your job hunt, and even coach you on the finer points of assembling your job-search materials. Working with a recruiter is almost as simple as saying, "Please find me a job."

Here are 10 ways a specialized recruiting agency can help boost your search for the ideal job:

1. Connect you with prospects

Robert Half recruiters are tapped into the job market in your area. They know who's hiring (and who's planning to expand), even if those jobs aren't publicly posted yet. If there are openings for jobs that fit your talents and interests, a recruiter can often help get your foot in the door.

2. Act as your personal guide

Many Robert Half recruiters have professional experience in your field, so they understand your passion for your work. Once you register with Robert Half, you'll be connected with a recruiter who's committed to finding the right job for you.


3. Market your talent

Robert Half recruiters do more than share your resume with the appropriate companies. They're also your greatest advocates when discussing your unique talents with hiring managers.

4. Provide industry insight

Robert Half’s industry research and annual Salary Guides provide a strategic context for your job search. They answer key questions about the job market in your area and what kinds of salaries professionals in your field typically earn.

5. Refine your resume

Recruiters can also offer essential advice on how to write your resume, helping you highlight and position your talents and experience in the best way possible.

6. Polish your application package

Even if your resume and work samples are current, they may still need a bit of polishing to catch a hiring manager's eye. Robert Half offers great resources for adding more power to your application package.

7. Add to your skill set

Robert Half recruiters can help you identify any crucial gaps in your skills. And they'll share free online training courses designed to add highly marketable capabilities to your resume. Armed with this training, you may be able to increase your salary expectations.

8. Offer valuable resources

The Robert Half blog shares essential job search information. It spotlights the hottest (and highest-paying) jobs in your field, reports on hiring trends and offers tips for every step of your journey to a new position.

9. Provide interview coaching

You'll have access to guidance and tips (both online and in person) to help you nail the job interview. You'll get the coaching you need to feel prepared, confident and capable of speaking with ease about yourself and your work.

10. Help you thrive

Once you've landed a job, Robert Half is still there with further assistance. You can get ongoing professional development advice, along with career tips to help you thrive as a successful professional.

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