Boomers: Not Ready to Retire Just Yet? Try Consulting as a Career

By on August 4, 2017 at 11:27am

The Canadian Labour Force Survey reported that Canadian employers added 214,000 jobs in 2016. Job gains in 2016 were strong: Canadian job growth was the highest it’s been since 2012, with the service sector leading the way in job development.

Robert Half executives note that the low unemployment rate and the high demand for professionals with specialized skills may have companies seeking experienced workers to fill key roles. Employers are looking for professionals with a track record of proven success to lead complex initiatives. They value the insight and knowledge experienced talent can bring to the organisation.

Flexibility is the word

Of course, many baby boomers who are at or near retirement age are looking to wind down a full-time career—not start a new one. Even if they are keen to keep one foot firmly in the workforce, they likely want an arrangement that provides flexibility. These professionals may want to consider consulting as a career because consulting as a career is all about flexibility and can give baby boomers more power to choose how and when they want to retire.

Companies look to consultants to provide specialized expertise for specific projects or business initiatives, which can last weeks, months or even longer in some cases. In addition to a flexible schedule, these arrangements can offer benefits such as diversity of assignments and high earning potential.

A recent Robert Half Management Resources survey found that eight in 10 senior financial executives consider consulting an attractive career. However, that doesn’t mean consulting is just for professionals who have worked at the C-level. Experience, skills, and knowledge are what matter most.

Professionals who are eyeing the consulting path should consider speaking with a reputable staffing firm, or a career coach, for guidance on launching a new career in this field.

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