How to Make a Legal Job Offer Candidates Can't Refuse

By Nahid Orgunwall on May 10, 2017 at 2:41pm

Whether you're hiring lawyers, law clerks, or legal support staff, the legal hiring process can be a long and arduous one. And it's not over once you've decided which candidate you'd like to bring on board. The next (and arguably most important) step is extending the offer.

Follow these six tips to start off the negotiation process on the right foot:

  1. Don't wait. Once you've decided who you'd like to bring on board, extend the offer immediately. Delays can be costly, especially if your ideal candidate is entertaining other offers. In fact, according to a recent Robert Half study, 29% of Canadian workers say a hiring process of seven to nine days is too long and they'll lose interest.
  2. Nail down the details. Before you approach your potential new employee, you'll want to have all of the employment details ready, including pay, health care benefits, time off, and other perks. All of these are part of the comprehensive offer and should be considered by the candidate.
  3. Pick up the phone. You'll want to make the legal job offer verbally before anything else. Call the candidate and touch base via phone before following up with an official letter or email.
  4. Be a brand ambassador. While extending the offer and throughout the negotiation process, remember to continue to promote the benefits of working for your firm, such as flexible work arrangements, growth within the company, a positive workplace culture, or free training programs. Reinforce the reasons why he or she would want to join your team.
  5. Stay connected. Stay in touch with your potential employee during the negotiation process so you can address any questions or needs that may come up, while continuing to reinforce your enthusiasm about him or her joining your team.
  6. Plan in advance. Be prepared for the candidate to counter offer or want to negotiate other benefits of the hiring package. Know in advance what you're willing to negotiate and how far you're willing to go. You'll want to stay aligned with your organization's values and guidelines, while not losing a great prospect over a minor point.

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