Texting While Hiring

By on July 16, 2019 at 10:13am


54% of IT leaders use texting to communicate and coordinate interviews with applicants.

27% of workers have used texting to correspond with a hiring manager.

IT managers and workers were asked, “What is the biggest benefit of texting with prospective job candidates or employers?”

IT managers Workers
Quick communication 37% 36%
Discretion 31% 17%
Ease and preference 19% 15%
None — Too much room for error. 13% 33%

“What is the biggest problem caused by texting?”

IT managers Workers
Miscommunication 36% 42%
Too personal and invasive* * 21%
Appears unprofessional 32% 14%
Too much room for error 20% 15%
None — Texting is welcomed. 12% 7%

* This response was not an option for managers.

Source: Robert Half Technology surveys of more than 270 IT decision makers and 400 workers in Canada

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