Recruiting Woes

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Hiring Process Hurdles

What aspect of the hiring process do you find most difficult?

32% Generating interest from qualified candidates
20% Developing compensation packages and negotiating salaries
18% Reviewing application materials
17% Asking the right interview questions
13% Creating job descriptions

Job Description Dilemmas

What's the greatest challenge when developing job descriptions for open positions at your company?

29% Identifying essential vs. "nice-to-have" qualifications
25% Identifying the necessary interpersonal and soft skills
18% Accurately describing job duties
16% Describing the company in a compelling way
11% Determining the appropriate job title

Offer Rejections

What's the most common reason candidates turn down a job offer from your company?

28% Accepted another job offer or counteroffer
25% Compensation and benefits are lower than expected
16% Limited opportunities for career growth or advancement
14% Poor fit with the job description
10% Poor fit with the corporate culture
7% Limited employee perks

Bad Hires

Aside from poor performance, what's most likely to lead to a failed hire?

32% Mismatched skill set
26% Unclear performance expectations
22% Personality conflicts
21% Failure to fit into the corporate culture

Source: Robert Half survey of more than 600 senior managers in Canada

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