Hybrid Law Clerk / Legal Assistant Roles on the Rise

By on March 20, 2018 at 12:52pm


Lawyers were asked, “Have blended or hybrid paralegal/legal secretary positions become more or less common than they were two years ago?”*

Much more common 12%
Somewhat more common 40%
No change 38%
Somewhat less common 5%
Much less common 1%
Don’t know: 5%

Lawyers were asked, “Does your law firm or company plan to increase or decrease its hiring of legal support professionals for blended or hybrid paralegal/legal secretary positions in the next 12 months?”

Increase significantly 2%
Increase somewhat 26%
Keep the same/no change 68%
Decrease somewhat 2%
Decrease significantly 0%
Don’t know: 2%

30% of current legal support jobs at respondents’ law firms or companies are blended paralegal/legal secretary positions.

Source: Robert Half Legal survey of 150 lawyers with the largest law firms and companies in Canada

*Responses do not total 100 per cent due to rounding.

© 2018 Robert Half Legal

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