Employee Health and Wellness Checkup

By on January 9, 2018 at 1:23pm


HR managers say that in the past 5 years their company’s health and wellness offerings have:

Increased: 22%
Decreased: 57%
Don’t know: 12%
No answer: 9%

Workers’ biggest obstacles to achieving their health and wellness goals:

Food at office celebrations 29%
Snacks brought in by coworkers 26%
Free meals 12%
Business trips 11%
Happy hours/after-work drinks 8%
The vending machine 7%
The office candy jar 6%
Bagel Mondays 1%

30% of employees say they eat healthier when they work from home.

What workers do for lunch:

Bring their own meal 76%
Grab something and bring it back to the office 15%
Dine at a restaurant 7%
Have food delivered 1%
Choose something from the vending machine 1%

How employees feel about the office candy jar:

It’s great to have around for a quick pick-me-up! 36%
I have a love-hate relationship with it. 36%
It’s bad news — I don’t want it around. 28%

Source: OfficeTeam surveys of 306 HR managers and 1,007 workers in Canada

© 2018 OfficeTeam. A Robert Half Company

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