All Work and No Play? Canadian Professionals Grade Their Work-Life Balance

More than two-thirds of Canadian workers rate their work-life balance as good to excellent

  • 35 per cent of employees say their work-life balance is getting better compared to three years ago

Toronto, ON — Are professionals living to work or working to live? A new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half shows it’s more of the latter these days. More than two-thirds (69 per cent) of workers polled said they’ve achieved a good to excellent work-life balance. Thirty-five per cent think it’s getting better compared to three years ago.

“Successful organizations recognize the link between employee well-being and productivity,” said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations. “Giving teams the options and resources to balance their personal lives and professional obligations helps to reduce stress, and can positively impact their engagement, commitment and overall happiness at work.”

See an infographic of the survey results.

In fact, according to Robert Half research linking happy workers with higher productivity and increased loyalty, employees who felt they achieved symmetry between work and home were twice as likely to be happy on the job compared to those who reported they didn’t.

So, who should be responsible for work-life balance? Thirty-six per cent of workers think it’s the company’s job. But in a separate survey, 24 per cent of business leaders said they believe achieving that balance is primarily the employee’s concern.

Company leaders should consider how their own approach to balancing responsibilities can influence their workers, added Scileppi. “By encouraging work-life balance and making it a priority, managers set the tone for an attractive corporate culture that supports employee success and well-being at every level.”


Advice for offering work-life balance options can be found on the Robert Half blog.


About the Research

The surveys were developed by Robert Half and conducted by independent research firms. They include responses from more than 570 workers in Canadian markets and more than 1,200 leaders across a variety of professional fields in Canada.

About Robert Half

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm. The company has more than 300 staffing locations worldwide and offers online job search services on its divisional websites, all of which can be accessed at For career and management advice, follow our blog at

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