5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Accounting Employment Agency

Accountemps employment agency

Are you thinking of using an employment agency to help find your next accounting job? Organizations are increasingly turning to staffing firms to help them locate hard-to-find accounting and financial talent. In addition to full-time talent, firms are looking more and more for interim staff to address varying workloads and expertise gaps. Whether you're interested in temporary work or a full-time position, you can get the most out of your experience with an employment agency by following these tips:

1. Find an accounting specialist

While generalist staffing firms may offer opportunities in accounting and finance, your best bet would be to find an agency that specializes in your field. Look for an employment agency focused on placing accounting and finance professionals. Their staffing specialists can offer deep expertise and industry knowledge, giving you an edge in the market.

2. Make sure you're ready

When you sign up with an employment agency, come prepared with an understanding of your skills, the compensation you're expecting and what type of organization you're interested in working with. Clearly explain your talents – and passions – to the employment agency. In order for the agency's staffing managers to truly serve your interests, they need a solid understanding of your qualifications and experience. They can use this information to identify employment opportunities that best suit you.

3. Trust in the process

A diligent staffing specialist has expert knowledge of the skills organizations seek, as well as a vested interest in ensuring a good fit for both you and potential employers. Remember that the staffing manager has your best career interests in mind and that you should seriously consider any skill-building recommendations you receive.

Also keep in mind that finding the right match can take time. If you remain patient and have faith in your staffing manager's ability and desire to help, you can reap the rewards of an ideal match.

4. Show off your professionalism

Being professional in all interactions with your staffing manager means showing the same respect you would to a potential employer, by returning calls and emails promptly and making sure you're prepared for meetings and interviews. Adhering to business etiquette will go a long way toward ensuring you make a favourable impression. This will encourage your specialist to reach out to a wider array of clients when searching for your match.

5. Come clean

Honesty is critical when working with an employment agency if you expect your staffing specialist to properly do his or her job. Be straightforward about your salary history, the responsibilities you held at previous positions and why you left or were let go from past roles. First impressions set the tone for your relationship with the employment agency. Being forthcoming shows agencies you have a reliable and trustworthy character.

Building a strong, professional relationship with your employment agency can improve your chances of landing a rewarding accounting or finance position – and could lead to many more in the future.