5 Reasons You Should Consider Temporary Employment

Accountemps temporary employment

Have you avoided pursuing temporary employment because you think it's just for entry-level workers or students looking for a summer job? It's true that managers hire temporary staff for less-experienced positions. But companies also call on more experienced temporary professionals when they need an extra team member for a time-intensive short- or long-term assignment, or when a project requires specialized skills the firm doesn't currently have on staff. What's more, temporary employment can help professionals at all experience levels with various career goals.

Here are five reasons to consider temporary employment:

1. It offers flexibility

When you're a project professional, you can arrange your schedule however you like, and you can choose to take a career break when you want or need one. That means you can devote time to volunteer work, spend more time with your family or travel for longer periods of time. In other words, you can better balance your work and personal life, which leads to higher job satisfaction and less stress overall.

You can also fit temporary work around your schedule while you're pursuing an advanced degree. It's the ideal way to get the work experience in your field that you'll need to help land your first job after graduation.

2. You'll get a variety of assignments

Temporary work gives you the opportunity to work on a wider range of assignments than you're likely to find when you're employed by a single company. When you work on several different types of projects, you can hone many different skills and develop the kind of experience that increases your marketability with employers.

You can also learn more about the direction in which you'd like to steer your career – perhaps toward a less traditional accounting and finance job, for example. And if you encounter an assignment that doesn't light your fire, you're not stuck: You know there's an end in sight.

3. You'll develop your soft skills

As a project professional, you'll have the chance to spend time in several different companies. You'll be able to observe many different styles of management and office organization, and, if you watch closely, you'll start to learn which ones work best for you.

4. It can ease a life transition

If you've recently moved to a new town, you may feel a little lost with regard to regional hiring trends and the accounting and finance industry jobs available in the local area. Temporary employment gives you a way to learn about the business community you've moved into and experience the work environment at several companies before you commit to a full-time job.

5. You'll expand your horizons

Any accounting and finance professional can benefit from expanding his or her network. When you take a series of project assignments with different firms, you add colleagues, office managers and other professionals to your circle. Nurture these relationships, and you'll be able to expand your expertise in various areas and even receive job referrals when the time is right.

Whatever your goals, temporary employment can help you reach them: It can help you grow your skill set, gain valuable experience and meet new people. Intrigued? Take a look at our current temporary accounting and finance jobs.