How an Accounting Temporary Staffing Agency Can Help Your Firm Run Smoothly

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It's quarter-end, and the clock is ticking. Your team is rushing to put the balance sheet in order. And to make matters worse, one of your financial analysts just called in sick. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

You can't stop the clock, but you can bring in a temporary accounting professional. Now's your opportunity. But how do you go about the process? Here are some tips for keeping your business running smoothly with the help of an accounting temporary staffing agency:

A smooth process

Whether or not your situation is as dire as the one described above, if you're looking to bring in a temporary worker, you need help fast. But finding the right person on your own can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That's why most companies don't hire temporary professionals directly. Rather, they work through an accounting temporary staffing firm.

Staffing agencies alleviate many of the challenges employers face when looking for temporary workers. For example, a staffing agency will evaluate a potential candidate's work history, conduct face-to-face interviews, and even vet software skills and accounting knowledge before introducing a potential hire to you.

Plus, who has time for all the red tape involved with bringing an employee on board? Because temporary employees are technically employees of the accounting temporary staffing agency, you don't have to worry about paying invoices, payroll taxes or keeping track of mounds of paperwork. The staffing agency handles all of that for you.

Hiring the right fit

A staffing agency can help when you're short an employee due to illness, medical leave, sudden departure or other unexpected circumstances that leave you crunched for time. The firm can also come to your rescue when workflow peaks, whether you've planned for such spikes or not. A good accounting temporary staffing agency can help you find the right professional during month-end closings, annual audits, quarterly financial reporting and tax season.

Today's staffing agencies can also help you find an accounting or finance professional with specialized skills that your core team may be lacking. According to Robert Half's The Specialist Economy report, there's an increasing demand for workers in professions requiring a post-secondary degree and specialization in certain professions, including accounting and finance. Staffing firms represent specialists and experts you need to operate more efficiently and competitively.

Another benefit of working with a an accounting temporary staffing agency is that you can evaluate an interim employee while he or she works and take time to decide if the person would be a good fit for your nine-to-five team. After assessing a specialist's or other temporary employee's work and soft skills, you may decide the candidate is the perfect fit the next time a full-time role opens up.

Help when you need it most

Also, you needn't worry about a bad hire. If a problem arises with an interim worker, simply contact the accounting temporary staffing agency, which will then handle the situation. After all, a bad hire can really set you back – costing you time, money and effort, all of which are in short supply if you’re working against a deadline like quarter-end.

In a Robert Half survey, 39 per cent of hiring managers and HR professionals polled said that a bad hire had cost them productivity. Ninety-five per cent of financial executives said that a bad hire at least somewhat affects the morale of the whole team. And 41 per cent of hiring managers and HR professionals who have made a bad hire estimated the cost in the thousands of dollars.

Who can afford that? Some accounting temporary staffing agencies have a guarantee that helps you prevent these problems. If a candidate isn't working out, they will send you a replacement. And you won't be billed for the unsatisfactory hours.

What are you waiting for? A temporary staff member could be just what your firm needs to help keep your business running like clockwork.