13 Resume and Interview Mistakes Technology Professionals Need to Avoid

- Frequent job hopping for non-consultants biggest resume deal breaker

- Badmouthing former bosses top turnoff during interview

Toronto, ON — Top technology talent may be in high demand, but that doesn’t mean IT job seekers can skate through the application process. In a survey conducted by staffing firm Robert Half Technology, CIOs shared what they consider to be deal breakers when evaluating candidates for open roles.

Technology executives said the biggest resume red flags are frequent job hopping (43 per cent); too much unnecessary information (19 per cent); and not providing enough context around prior experience (18 per cent). Making it to the interview stage comes with its own set of potential pitfalls. According to CIOs, the biggest blunder is speaking negatively about past employers or managers (27 per cent), followed by poor body language (23 per cent) and ineffective explanation of their career history (21 per cent).

CIOs were asked, “When reviewing resumes, which of the following would most likely cause you to remove a candidate from consideration?


Frequent job hopping for a non-consultant candidate


Too long or too much unnecessary information


No context around prior experience


Not highlighting strategic thinking and business knowledge


Overly complicated


Bad formatting, sloppiness or typos


Overuse of technical jargon




*Responses do not total 100 per cent due to rounding.


CIOs were also asked, “When conducting an in-person interview, which of the following would most likely cause you to remove a candidate from consideration?


Speaking negatively about past employers or managers


Poor body language, such as no eye contact or a weak handshake


Ineffective explanation of career history


No clear understanding of the business


Unprepared for technical questions


Unprofessional dress




*Responses do not total 100 per cent due to rounding.

View an infographic ranking the top resume and interview mistakes for tech professionals.

“To get the attention of potential employers, technology candidates must be able to demonstrate how their unique expertise will provide value to the business from day-one,” said Deborah Bottineau, a district director for Robert Half Technology. “By customizing resumes to highlight specific skills related to the open position, and preparing to discuss tangible professional contributions and experiences in the interview, candidates will stand out for their competence and enthusiasm for the role.”

Bottineau added that while frequent job moves may be more common in today’s technology workforce, some employers are wary of investing time and resources in hiring applicants who may not stick around. “If you’re changing roles often, be prepared to show how the variety of positions augment your skillset and make you an ideal candidate for long-term success at the company.”

Survey Methodology

The survey of more than 270 CIOs in Canada was developed by Robert Half Technology and conducted by an independent research firm.

About Robert Half Technology

With more than 100 locations worldwide, Robert Half Technology is a leading provider of technology professionals for initiatives ranging from web development and multiplatform systems integration to network security and technical support. Robert Half Technology offers online job search services at roberthalf.ca/technology. Visitors can also request a copy of the Robert Half Technology 2018 Salary Guide, which includes a wide range of IT job descriptions. Follow roberthalf.ca/blog, and @RobertHalf_CAN on Twitter for additional workplace advice and hiring trends.


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